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Cacodaemon Divided
Damien Hurst

Cacodaemon Divided

BF: So Damien, you're known for your shocking art especially your series of animals preserved in formaldehyde. How did thatstart?

DH: Well I'd just graduated, early nineties, and I was in the States with my brother.  He introduced me to a friend of his at a party who was this games dude called John Romero.   We got talking about stuff, he was telling me about this game he's designing, but he's stuck, he's got designers block, and I said "yeah I know what you mean, I'm looking for something that's never been done before, but It's not easy y' know" and we carry talking about stuff.

Anyhow a couple of days later he phones me up, he's got a cousin out in the woods somewhere who's called him to come and see the remains of some wierd creature he's found, John's wondering if I'm interested.   Well I was at his door before he's put the phone down, <laughs> and we drive off into the hills to this old farm. It's way out in the woods, miles from anywhere,  nd John's cousin starts telling us this wierd story about this old indian spirit monster which haunts the mountain and we're like "Woah, Scooby doo" and laughing about it. 
Then he says he's found a dead one,  and we stop laughing cos it's getting wierd. He takes us into the barn and in the middle of the floor there's this thing.

We're both kind of freaked out and excited and I'm saying "What the hell is that?" and John's saying "How does that thing work?", and his cousin is into hunting and stuff and he says "Lets cut it open and find out." and I say "That's huge, what can you cut that up with?" and he says " Well I've got a chainsaw." There was this moment when John and I look at each other. John's really excited now and he says "Cut the hellspawn with a chainsaw, that's it" and I'm thinking "Cut it in half with a chainsaw" and that was the start of it, the first one.

So anyhow John goes back and makes his game and I buy it and bring it back to England and start looking for a big fishtank."

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