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Girl with a Black Pearl Earring
Jan Vermeer

Girl With A Black Pearl Earring

BF:   Johannes Vermeer of Delft, also known as Jan Vermeer or Johannes van der Meer,  : You are known for your calm and detached images, imbued with the quite dignity of everyday life. Why pick Jade as a subject.

JV:   We have much in common, both photographers of a sort, both used to the trouble of war, both like kids.

BF:   Children?

JV:   Well mine were, yes, I have 14 children.  Her's are real kids, at least one was. Mine were definitely less goaty, I didn't ask about that.

BF:   So she likes animals?

JV:   Well she hangs around with the pig a lot, but she smooshes a lot of animals as well. She says, "look at that really rare vole" and she take a picture of the vole then she smooshes it with the stick. Not very eco-concious as you say.

BF:   A woman of contradictions.

JV:   Oh and a tough lady.  : We were going to get a coffee, we were down near the canal, she like the canal, she said it remind her of home, anyway like I said we were out and we get mugged, the guy pulls out a big stick. Well I was so scared stiff you could have used me for a table, but Jade she says "call that a stick? That's not a stick, now this is a stick." and she gets out her staff and does this twirl thing thing and knocks him into the middle of the canal!   What a girl.

BF:   When you ask to paint her what did she say?

JV:   She just smiled, lovely smile, She didn't smile often enough I think, So I try to capture that.

BF:   Did you give her the pearl?

JV:   No, she had loads of them. I thought it was a bit risky carrying them around all the time, but I guess she can look after herself (laughs). She used to carry everything with her all the time, like a bag lady, I don't know where she keep it all though, I guess she have a big handbag.

BF:   How close were you?   Were you very good friends?

JV:   Oh I hear the rumours, don't believe the movie though, Jade and me were just friends, I love my Catharina, we have fourteen children. I think Jade likes the pig more than me.

BF:   Thank you Jan.

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