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Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!

Carnivores, you just can't trust 'em.

They all seem like jolly good sorts, then they up and steal your penny fathing.
Probably on his way to tie a young lady to some railway lines as likely as not.

This fella is available as a print from My deviantart shop

And as a rather lovely tee shirt from CafePress


In Other News - The Forum has had a polish

And is full (ish) of lovely people sticking it to the man by building their own DIY Cintiqs
Why not go and have a look, it's all free.

If you look over leftwards you'll see the button, over there up towards the header, you can't miss it.
And we've got plans - Muhahhahhaaa.

Culture Clash Bandicoot

What if Litchtenstien played Wipeout?  Where did Damien Hurst get the idea from?  What was Picasso doing in Weston-Super-Mare?  Art/Games Image mashups.

Other Work

Graphics & Anims & Bears* Oh my!
Random jottings from my pencil,  metaphorically speaking,   sort of an online portfolio.
Very much a work in progress.
*No actual bears involved.

wacom wax-off

Can I build the (almost) equivalent of W@k0mz finest using cheap bits and pieces.  An unfolding tale of desire, obsession and second hand technology.


I'm a games artist and have been since 1987, (yes there really was a games industry that long ago).
You'd really think I'd know better by now.
Here's some of my stuff,
and there is a link to my rather incomplete mobygames page HERE

Last update
14th September 2012.

Thanks to Bobs, Bernard and Captain Haggis for all the help