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Part 10 - What are we going to do now?

In which Questions are asked.

Why, you ask, has this update been so long coming? Or hadnít you noticed? Perhaps I shouldnít have mentioned it.   Truth is thereís been a bit of indecision as to the best way forwards while Iíve been gathering data.

Itís time for the Dremel to do itís thing again.   Iím thinking Iíll make the acrylic sheet slightly smaller than the LCD panel, just by a couple of mm, this will then fit neatly under the plastic flap thing on the Wacom cover.   The cover has webs (ribs) underneath.   I can cut these away to give a space just large enough for the LCD panel, to stop it moving around. All very neat, but it gives me a strictly limited space for the backlight, unless I can stretch the case a bit.  

side view cutaway

Hereís the dilemma, which is also the order Iím going to try stuff in.

Standard Backlight. Works, (yay) Might be too thick for the sensor, possible heat problems. Need to find 3mm.
Thin Backlight. More difficult to fabricate. Possible heat problems 
EL FILM - relatively expensive,  (Cheapest Iíve found is £85) May not be bright enough. Yet another power supply. 

This is going to take a certain amount of trial and error.

A couple of people on the forum have had some sucess using the original backlight plastic, but replacing the tubes with LED strips.
cheapsh, no inverter so less chance of interference, and less heat, hooray.

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