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Part 13 - the point of no return

measure Once

Measure Twice

In which a big hole appears

I think things are going to happen fairly quickly now.
After more fiddling with the positions of the FFC connectors it looks like the best place for the screen is going to be reasonably central in the case so some careful measurement later, then more careful measurement, then a bit more measuring and checking it's time to start marking.
The diagonal ribs are the things that are going to stop the screen sliding around so I'll grind those right down in the appropriate places.  Once those are out of the way I can get the ruler in to draw some neater cutting lines.

Cut Once

I'm using the slot cutter again cutting a couple of mm in from the line. It would probably be better to use a jigsaw to be honest but it's at home and I've been waiting for this cut.
The first cut is pretty rough, then I use a grinding wheel to take it a bit closer to the line, then use a file to clean off the chunks of melted plastic, then stick with the file for the last 1mm. Obviously this takes quite a long time, with lots of checking against the screen, and using a magazine as a sharp right angle to check for straightness.  After an hour of grinding, cutting and filing I've got a neat straight edged hole.


SqweeeeEEEEEE Ziff Ziff Ziff

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