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Part 14 - Putting it all together

In which bolts are bolted

The faceplate on the input board is too big to fit in so I take the hacksaw to it.   I'm using that rather than a power tool, I don't want a slip to mess up a component,  SO I'd rather take ten minutes of careful cutting instead.  The bottom of this plate has three screwholes I can use for additional fixing.   I bluetack an oversized piece of paper to the plate, and punch through where the holes are then put the board into position, tape the paper down to the case, gently pull the board away leaving the paper in position then spot through with a marker to give the hole positions.  I drill through with my smallest drill and stick some pins through just to check it all lines up. One needs adjusting slightly so I do that with the next size drill, and drill them out properly.

I've got a bunch of bolts for fixing the boards down.  The holes in the screen board are a tad too small so I take them out a bit, then spot through quickly to mark drilling spots for the bolt holes. zeeeeiiip, holes drilled.

Cut Down Board
Drilling Out
stack 'o' washers 14mm Pen in pieces

This board will need standoffs through the corner holes.  I stack up washers to check the height.  I won't be using washers for the final standoffs, metal standoffs are bad voodoo, too much risk of a short. I've head of people using oversize bolts as standoffs then wondering why their kit suddenly stops working, plastic for me thanks very much, besides I have a cheapskate plan to keep a few pennies off the budget.  This dead pen has a non-brittle barrel, but plenty stiff enough to act as a standoff.

Various lengths are cut for the different gaps I need.  The input board needs to slope down a bit to fit under the Wacom sensor panel.  The screwheads are a tad thinner than the bolts, so I end up using them the other way up for the input panel because things are so tight.
I guess I'll have to use a sheet of plastic as an insulator, not that anything is touching, but just in case.  I also wrap the ferrite widget for the same reason.
I take a few notches out here and there with the grinding wheel to run cables through.  Mark the bolts and take them home to meet the vice in order to cut them down.

Bolt all the boards down.  The extended cable to the inverter is under the boards, so is the cable to driver board.

Stand off
it's a wrap
All bolted down
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