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Part 16 - Nyaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh

In which disaster strikes?

Right, onwards and upwards.  The spacers to raise the lid are made by stacking washers and wrapping in tape up to exactly 3mm.  I leave a tail of tape to keep the spacer in place till the self-tapping screw goes in.  Once the screw is in place the tape over the central hole will help prevent the screw falling out and getting lost.  Easy to line up.  Stick a nice sharp pencil through the washers, stick it in the hole in the case, press the tape down.

Making Spacers

Folded Board

The board on the side of the screen doesn't quite fit properly.  I don't want to force anything, and leaving it prone to flexing is a sure way to cause a failure at some point.  Fortunately it will just about fit nicely when folded right over. 

Next bit.  More insulating tape over anything that might make accidental contact or short something, The boards around the screen, the cable connectors, the underneath of the screen control buttons.  A piece of plastic goes between the boards and the Wacom sensor panel (which has a thick foil shield on the back). 

More Insulation

While I'm doing this I have an incident, moving the base around I manage to pull the screen off the table.  It hits the desk on the way down and ends up dangling from the cables.  NOooooooOOO.  trying not to rush I pull everything back together and test.  The screen has a pixel line down it and a blue static fuzz in the background. Gutted.  So close to finishing then this.  I'm out of time for this week, so I pack everything away, somewhat dispondant.  I'm not sure what to do about this, new screen from ebay I guess.


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