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Part 17 - Breathe Again

The plan

Start cuttin

Seat-of-Pants Switches

I haven't really planned this bit, but it looks like it'll all fit nicely, with each switch panel getting a post to locate on.   The holes in the switch panels just need opening out a little but there's just enough space to do that.

The original monitor had a moulding which kept the switches in place, the buttons were part of the same piece.  I've not seen this in any of the other monitors I've stripped, but it's all to the good.  I cut the boxes down to use as a spacer around the edge.  Both the spacer and the boards need the edge filing down to fit inside the lip, The switches have very little movement which means cutting with plenty of excess material then gradually filing them down till the switches work.

Lil Switches



Friday evening, I'm just about to go home when I have a brainstorm;
What if it's the cables not the screen? I can't believe I haven't considered it,  it should have been the first thing I tried.  Reseat the cables, same problems, swap the right and left cables over, different problems, promising,  unscrew boards and try without the extensions.
The screen is OK ! Thank goodness for that. 
I examine the cables.  One has a twisted contact that has come off the backing and shorted across it's neighbours, the other must have caught on a sharp edge, with a couple of the connectors broken.  These would be repairable with patience and sandpaper but I'm going to buy new cables and hang the extra expense (8 ish)


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