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Part 18 - Finito

UKs only suppliers of vinyl dye??.  Surely not, but they're fast and efficient anyhow

In which we start drawing

The last week has flown by and what have I done?   I've dyed the top black, (Thanks for the suggestion Ya3).   This was mainly vanity so I'll not count it in the cost, looks good though.  Damn that vinyl dye was difficult to track down in the UK, (ie. I tried my local Halfords and they didn't have it).  I googled around but I only found one place that sells it.   I'm sure that can't be right, but thanks to who were very helpful.

I stripped the insulation and shielding off the wires running to the monitor switches, It was proving too stiff and difficult to pursuade into the case.   The new cables arrived and slotted in.  Darn it.  That column of bad pixels is still there, but it doesn't show too much being only one pixel and it's nothing I can't work around.  I'm too close to finishing to do anything about it now.

I go round the edge it the acrylic with a black permanent marker.  Because the bottom of it protrudes slightly under the case it's prone to picking up light from inside.  Not a big problem and this fixes it.

There's a slight problem with the Wacom power LED.   The higher case top means it's not really visible, so I cut and filed down a tiny chip of acrylic to go into the slot over it.  I frost it by stratching it with sandpaper so it catches the light.  It's a push fit so it doesn't even need glueing.  Pleased with that.

I tried the screen with the original Wacom plastic over the top and didn't like the blurriness. so I timmed off the top section using the office rotary guillotine (Sorry Bev) and stuck that back on with uber-strong carpet glue. I had half a can left over from when they carpeted the office.

Screw everything together and try it out - Wacom not working - moment of panic, then I realise I'd left the ribbon cable unplugged. Unscrew everything, plug it in, it works. D'oh.

Neat Wires
Black Line

Blimey, that's it.
I spend 20 minutes calibrating it and I'm away.

It's lovely, I do real work on it, it's a heap better than using a standard graphics tablet. The pressure sensitivity is great and very controllable. There's a small amount of lag when moving fast, but that's faster than I draw.

Here's a vid on youTube.

The horrible moire patterns are a result of videoing the screen, you don't see them when using eyeballs. Damn camera keeps autofocusing as well. . The pointer looks offset, but that's down to the camera angle, from my viewpoint it's fine.


Post Mortem - In which Mortems are posted.

What went well, and what didn't.

Having extra tablet left over means I can map this to my main screen and keep the some of the menus on there. I should have had the screen lower down the tablet to really maximise that space, It's obviously a lot less accurate having just a tiny pad for screen 1. I'll see how it goes.   - Update. not very well. The pad I left is tiny and not very usable. Should have put the screen further down the case.
I've got an a6 Wacom "pen partner" tablet which I can plug in as well, I'm pretty sure it's the same drivers.

The lights and inverter make a lot of heat, not hot enough to damage anything I think, but I've fitted a fan to the bottom of the case. I've mounted it into a sheet of acrylic which also protects the circuitry, and I've cut some extra slots in the internal webs, and in the base. This is a temporary solution but it seems to work. I'll keep an eye out for a lower profile fan, I'm thinking of building a stand/carrier thing, maybe I can build the fan into that.

Dropping the screen was obviously a BAD thing. It's ok but not great.

Fitting everything into the Wacom case was great, it all fitted better than I'd thought it would.

Managing to keep the monitor buttons was also a VERY GOOD THING, and better than I deserved given my absence of planning there.

I'd like to run everything off one power supply. It ought to be feasable, the monitor came with a 14v supply, but the label says it'll run off 12v, which is the same as the tablet, so it should work.

The best tools are a dremel and a scalpel. Screwdrivers come a close second, but the dremel is tool #1.

Black insulating tape rocks.

Happy, very very happy.

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