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Part 19 - Revisions

In which we play it cool

It's all gone a bit doolally round here, where did you all come from?

As with any fresh device the first couple of weeks have shaken out some bugs, here's some ongoing changes

The case was getting pretty hot especially round the bottom light.   I don't think it's anything dangerous but I decided to fit a fan to prevent any possible meltdown.

Here's a bit of acrylic I had lying around.  My first hack attempt was this acrylic, two halves of an eraser, and a lot of tape.   I had to open up the case again to cut some slots so the air can flow.  

As a temporary measure it worked but being on the outside the fan was in an awkward, not to say potentially eyewatering position.   Asking around I'm steered to a Zalman low profile fan which is quieter and half the thickness of a standard fan.   A couple of strips of something from the shed, and it's fixed.

I've put tape around the edge and along the bottom to keep the air flowing where I want it to go.   It still needs some baffles inside to help steer it the right way.
If I can get it working better I can stick a regulator in there, drop the voltage down to 5v, and run the fan in quiet mode.

After a number of days of use the relatively soft acrylic is starting to show a little scuffing.   I've ordered some felt nibs for the pen to keep that in hand.   I'll replace it at some point when I can find a better plastic to use, but the soft nibs will help.  

There is now a forum so that people who want to build one can share experiences and skills.   There's a few years of experience hidden in it's glossy pages.  Follow the button on the left and come on over.

fan power
fan mounted

For those that asked here's a better picture of the thang itself

I've been using it daily at home and work and it's made a real difference to my work. It's so much easier than drawing with a standard tablet, and it makes the creation process noticably quicker.

Update- June 2007.   I got a super new monitor at work and the screen looks a bit grey compared,   Working in a bright office doesn't help
It might be time to find a new screen or perhaps build a bigger one, MuhhahaaahaaahAAHAA.

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