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Part 2 - What are we going to do now?

DIY Projector site with forums.  Loads of info here including a monitor list and info on stripping.

In which the internet proves yet again that it is The Best Thing Evarr

First off, how to strip a monitor? Quizzing Google for info I hit an unexpected rich seam.   There is a whole community of people who strip monitors in order to build DIY uber-high-res video projectors.  There are compiled lists of monitors that fit the criteria Iím looking for, easy to strip, nothing in the way of the screen. Minimal issues with delicate, flat foil cables (FFCs).

Not much in the way of stripping tablets though, so it looks like Iím on point for that. :)   Material on the Wacom site suggests that the sensor board is a separate component, and not attached into the body of the tablet though the question of whether Iíll end up building tablet into monitor or monitor into tablet is going to have to wait.

Time to head for that font of all goodness.  E-bay here I come.

Price so far - errrrmmm, nothing.

Thereís a projector section on the forums here. More specifics about stripping monitors.

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