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Part 4 - Hunt the monitor

In which we discover more joys of ebay.

My first attempts to find a monitor are on the cheapskate end of things.  I asked everyone I knew, tried the local recycling centres, and closer freecycle groups.  After a few weeks itís clear that LCD monitors are relatively reliable, so broken ones donít appear very often, except on ebay where there is steady trickle of knackered optoelectronic goodness.

Meanwhile research uncovers the symptoms I should be looking for.  At this stage Iím planning to use an EL Film backlight but eventually I change my mind on this.   The symptoms of a failed backlight are that on startup the screen switches on then off again as the inverter board goes into self protect mode.  In some cases you can still see the display but itís very dark.  Monitors with strong anti glare coating you might not see even that.  Common sense says itís best to go for one where the display is visibly working which is obviously a better bet than an unknown.  

Back to ebay, there are lots of monitors in various states of brokenness, many of them showing the classic symptoms of dead backlights, then I spot a Dell 1501fp with a failing top-light. This is ideal, the screen clearly works and the photo shows no pressure marks

£38 and it's mine, cost so far £44.33,  now whereís me toolkit?


Wacom ... Laptop ... Monitor
Muhahhahha, Come to Pappa. Now this wonít hurt a bit.

BIIIG warning here
The monitor needs to have an external power supply. It makes life much much easier since power supplies cause electro-magnetic effects around them. Getting a monitor with an external supply cuts out a world of pain.

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