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Part 5 - The Stripper

Remove the case

This wonít hurt a bit...

Time to get down to it.

Four screws, on the stand, four in the back corners, two clips on the bottom, a few around the edge.  Carefully does it so as not to break anything.  This proves tougher than it ought to be, but with some judicious use of the screwdriver we prevail against our plasticy opponents.  

Replacing screws in the original holes, (or taping them to the component they come from) is an old habit.  It slows the strip down a little bit, but nothing drastic, and it stops them getting mixed up or lost, and stops me trying to screw long screws into short holes should I need to reassemble the thing.


Anyhow, the back lifts off revealing... an interference suppressing chassis.



Handful of screws around the edge of the rear section and we bare the clockwork.  Two boards, the main board which does all the screen driving stuff, and the inverter board that powers the backlight.

Unfortunately Iím out of time, the rest is going to have to wait.

The Chassis
Thar She Blows
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