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Part 6 - The nitty gritty

The Main Board

In which we get to the silicon.

Undo a bunch more screws and hereís the guts of it.  The main board is connected to the screen driver board via a short 20 way cable.  This just pulls out easily.


The cable to the inverter board is a more tricky and doesnít come out with a fingernail. A previous (slightly disastrous) experience has taught me that the locking nubs are sometimes  underneath the cable, tight up against the board.  They are easy to shift with a little gentle teasing with a scalpel blade between the plug and socket.  Insert the blade and roll the plug out, It doesnít take any pressure to pop the blighter.

So thatís the rear boards out of the way, four more screws and the middle cover lifts off.  The mesh covered foam blocks are glued to the cover and the screen casing to earth everything.  The glue pulls off with some resistance, slightly worrying in case there might be an unseen cable getting pulled, so I take it very slowly and keep looking out for trouble but no worries, it is just the mesh after all.


So this is the moment of truth, the first point where I get to see how easy this might be to shoehorn the screen into the Wacom case, but in a classic serial cliffhanger ending Iím off for a week so youíre going to have to wait to find out.

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