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Part 7 - Oh FFC!


In which we commune with cables

The small screen driver board thing (technical jargon there) has a couple of   FFC (flat flexible cable) connectors.  I take a macro pic of the cable to count the wires, then spot the number printed on the board, each cable has 40 pins, that's a LOT of signals!  
Each also has an additional fat earthing strip but then this monitor is earthed up the wazoo.  I don't think these earth strips will be strictly necessary but they'll be easy enough to extend if I have to.

Ruler says cable is 20mm wide, even my boneheaded math says thatís 0.5mm pitch.

Here's a chance for me to sing the praises of another of those DIY projector sites that I've come across in my researches.   This is the excellent an Austrian site (though the site is also viewable in English and French).  These guys do a bundle of an FFC cable plus a double ended connector, which make the extension of those 40 ways super easy.  Being Germanic these guys are efficient and friendly and do a whole bunch of FFCs in a range of lengths, pitches and widths.   If I get round to building a projector I'll be back there again.

The FFCs have a small clip holding them in, in this case its a latch that lifts up, on the connectors itís a wedge thing that slides out forwards by 1mm, easy either way just with a fingernail.  Make sure the cables are lined up, signal A going down wire B can kill a screen according to rumours, but it shouldnít be a problem if youíre careful
Cost so far £64.98


DIY Beamer shop.
Ideal if you want to build a beamer.

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