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Part 8 - There’s always one

Oops Oops,  I knew I should have taken those reading lessons

In which we meet Mr Dremel

The pressed-steel casing round the screen will mess up the magneticalism of the tablet, so it's got to go.  Unfortunately the second screw is apparently welded to the chassis and made of cheese, even using the correct driver the head strips out. DOH!
Looks like it's a good time to test out the slot cutter I bought when I got my Dremel.  Five seconds of tooth-rattling screeching and I have enough of a slot to undo it with a flat driver. Hooray for diamond cutters.

Undo a bunch of -very- small screws, carefully bend some tabs back, (easy to bend but close to the screen connections so carefully does it), a little more scalpel work with some edge clips, (damn that thing is useful), and the screen/backlight assembly eases out of it's steely confinement.

Right! reconnect all the cables for a test, I happen to have an inverter and the light tubes from a larger Dell screen lying around, so I'll use those for now rather than the duff one. This will allow me to experiment to see if I can use the existing backlight rather than EL film. EL would be thinner, but it's not cheap, plus it's extra faffing with power supplies.

Plug in, hold breath, turn on,  phew, it all still works.

Darn it
Darn it wooyay
Free at last
Finally here is the screen powered by sunlight, eco-friendly and some kind of magic.   Animated stained-glass windows anyone?
Now there's an idea.
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