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Part 9 - Testing testing

In which we make a plastic sandwich

Proof of concept, nekkid wacom, thin card as an insulator, partly-stripped backlight, screen, 2mm acrylic sheet on top.
Itís plugged into my laptop as a second screen and it works to a reasonable degree, SO whatís good and bad?

Proof of concept

The drawing is offset a bit  - Just down to more accurate tweaking of numbers in the driver software.

Drawing drops out at top and bottom - I think this is down to steel strips behind the back light tubes easy enough to fix.

Pressure sensitivity works sometimes - This stack is squishy because of gaps under the plastic frame, so the pressure varies quite a lot, again this should be fixable.

Biggest problem, drawing drops out occasionally -  I believe this is a combination of the flexibility of the stack and the thickness of the backlight.  This needs a bit more investigation before I can make any decisions.

A3 size  2mm acrylic sheet £6.45.  Cost so far £75.09 

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